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High-intensity interval training, or HIIT, is a great way to tone your muscles and get your heart pumping. SPRINT™ is a 30 minute HIIT workout on an indoor bike. This class is scientifically proven to achieve fast results.

Our instructors are there to push your limits and coach you through the entire class. Pushing your body to its physical and mental limits can be thrilling and invigorating.

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sprint class bozeman mt

Boost your adrenaline with a Les Mills SPRINT™ class

When you take a Les Mills SPRINT™ class, you combine bursts of intensity with periods of rest that prepare you for the next fast burst. Our instructors will guide you through this vigorous workout.

While pedaling on our indoor bikes, you will:

  • Drive your body to burn calories
  • Sweat out all your stress
  • Tone your legs and get your heart pumping

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