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Have you been interested in trying yoga but don't know where to start? Forever Strong welcomes pros and beginners alike. Our yoga classes are for everyone. You'll work on movements and motions in our class while listening to soothing, energizing music.

Les Mills BODYFLOW™ is a 45 minute class that combines Yoga, Tai chi, and Pilates. It is designed to build strength, flexibility, and leave you feeling calm and serene.

Yoga doesn't only train your body- it also trains your mind. You'll gain better concentration and discipline through your yoga training. Our BODYFLOW™classes blend elements of tai chi and Pilates to improve your muscle strength.

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Check out the yoga classes we offer

Check out the yoga classes we offer

Are you looking to expand your range of motion and enhance your discipline? You should take one of our yoga classes. You don't have to be intimidated if you're just getting started. Our instructors are happy to help. We'll guide you through breathing control, poses, exercises and routines.

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